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Our Philosophy

High Birch Childcare & Learning Centre Inc. is committed to providing exceptional childcare services to families within the community. We endeavor to provide a safe, inclusive, and nurturing environment in which children can learn and grow. In this environment, we foster a sense of community amongst students in order to promote social-emotional development, cognitive stimulation and interpersonal skills.

Our dedicated staff work hard to create an environment conducive to holistic play-based learning, which offers rich and diverse indoor and outdoor play experiences. All of our staff are committed to fostering caring and positive relationships with parents, caregivers and children.

Parent/caregiver partnerships are valued and respected at our organization. We believe open communication, cooperation, and support between staff members and parents/caregivers are all essential components the well-being and success of all children.

Our goal is to meet both the needs of our children and parents/caregivers and to celebrate the unique qualities of each child within our care. This is achieved through collaborative program planning with students, physical care, activities, and interactions facilitated by our staff.

We recognize that each child comes to us with varying abilities and backgrounds. Children learn differently according to their abilities, skills, and qualifications. No two children or families are the same. Therefore, we ensure the beliefs and values of each family are honoured and respected.

We provide differentiated instruction in order to cater to the varying needs of each child. We encourage children to test their boundaries and take risks in their learning at a pace that is comfortable for them. Our staff support the children in their learning process and develop holistic program plans which are student centered and developmentally appropriate. Each component of our weekly program plans include activities which nurture their natural curiosity, self-regulation, support and enhance their academic abilities, foster creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving skills, and which place importance on communication in order to create and sustain meaningful relationships with their peers and staff members.

We believe that children need to be encouraged to make choices and decisions in their lives. As caregivers, it is our responsibility to provide the children with experiences and an environment, in which they feel safe to ask questions, explore, test their theories about the world, and find confidence within themselves..

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Our Goals

High Birch Childcare & Learning Centre Inc. strives to meet these goals for each child:

Student-centered, holistic, and play-based curriculum planning which fosters mental, social, emotional, physical and intellectual development.
Provide social learning experiences in which children learn empathy, friendship, community, and the ability to value themselves and others.
Encourage children to express their negative and positive emotions in constructive ways in order to develop self-regulation and healthy conflict resolution skills.
Strong and cooperative parent/caregiver and staff partnerships in order to ensure the best care for each child.
Provide nutritious snacks and meals while teaching children about how to care for their physical health and well-being.
Provide a safe, equitable, and inclusive learning environment.

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