2021-2022 School Year!

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We hope that you all are doing well! Welcome to the 2021-2022 School Year! 

The provincial government announced that schools and licensed before and after school childcare facilities within the school building will be reopening on Thursday, September 9/2021.

As per the Ministry of Education, High Birch Childcare & Learning Centre Inc. has updated the existing COVID-19 Enhanced Health and Safety Policy and Procedures and COVID-19 Response Plan in accordance with the Public Health of Ontario and Ministry of Education of Ontario guidelines.

Please find the memo outlining the updates attached, and review the information. Please send a confirmation email to highbirch@hotmail.com indicating that you have read this document. Thank you. 

The Ministry of Health has also updated the Daily COVID-19 Screening Tool for Students and Children in School and Child Care settings. You must complete the Screening Tool before the child can attend child care. If you need assistance with this, our staff will be happy to help. Please see the link below:

Please note the following entrances for each childcare location:

If you cannot find the entrance on the first day, please call the numbers below and the staff will assist you.

Highgate School Age Childcare: Front Kindergarten Doors 


James Robinson School Age Childcare: West Parking Lot Glass Doors (NOT the front door)


Milliken Mills School Age Childcare: Kindergarten Entrance Facing Riseborough Circuit (Beside the School Office)



Unionville Meadows School Age Childcare:

Kindergarten Entrance near Parking Lot


Ongoing communication among professionals involved in your child’s day enhances your child’s educational and childcare experience. To best serve your child’s needs, it is necessary that staff from High Birch Child Care and the schools exchange information regularly. The purpose is to create a coordinated approach to support the interests, strengths and safety needs of your child. Your consent will give permission for the exchange of information between the Child Care Centre and the school. Please find attached the Information Sharing Form and send it back to me before September 9, 2021

If you require any further information or support, please feel free to contact me highbirch@hotmail.com .

Kind regards,

Neena Ali, R.E.C.E.

Licensee: High Birch Childcare & Learning Centre, Inc.